Runners Conquer PV Hills

It's not your average daily jog. The series of running races held each November in Palos Verdes includes a gorgeous morning sunrise and views of ocean, hills and cliffs throughout each run.

The signature event is the Palos Verdes Half Marathon, but the 10K and 5K races run at the same time are popular and challenging in their own rights, also. Each is part of the Lexus LaceUp running series, a set of four Southern California races.

Runners come mainly from Southern California, getting themselves up to The Hill before dawn and making their way to the starting area at one edge of the gorgeous Terranea Resort. Excitement builds as the sun's glow brightens before the 7:00am start, and then, runners are off.

The course is moderately challenging, with long stretches along Palos Verdes Drive going east toward Wayfarers' Chapel, back west to the Point Vicente Lighthouse and down a steep hill into one of the oceanfront neighborhoods of Rancho Palos Verdes.

Even on the "flat" road, grades can be substantial. Half marathoners go up and down the steep, western-facing hills a few times before making their way back to Terranea.

Sunday, temps were perfect and the air was clear, with Catalina in view all morning – a perfect day to walk or race.

Though nearly 1,000 runners turned out this year for the three races, each age division is relatively small, giving runners a good chance at a high-position finish. (To wit: The writer of this piece won his age group, a first!)

Here we're sharing the Instagram posts of this year's participants. Does it look enticing? Start making your plans for next year!

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