New Highs in Lower Avenues

Along Redondo Beach's Avenues west of PCH, new high sale prices were reached a couple of times in 2014.

First, there was a record-breaking sale for a single-family home on The Avenues: 213 Avenue E (5br/6ba, 4120 sq. ft.) sold for $2.550M in early September. (Click the property address for more info & photos.)

That $2.5M+ number is a high, by quite a bit, for non-ocean-front homes west of PCH.

There was just one sale over $2 million that we could find in a search, back in 2006 at 1100 South Catalina ($2.200M). All the other sales west of PCH that hit $2M or more were on The Esplanade.

Late in 2014, there was one more sale on the Avenues right at $2.000M: 230 Avenue A (5br/6ba, 3500 sq. ft.) came in at that number in early November.

As you can see, 213 Avenue E is done in a Spanish style, a complete and total remodel that was even listed with a 2014 build date to reflect that work.

Meantime, 230 Avenue A is new construction listed as a "modern farmhouse" in style.

But both of these 2014 records were smashed with a late-December sale at 302 Knob Hill Ave. (5br/6ba, 5000 sq. ft.)

This one was also new construction. The sale came in at $3.200M, basically a price with no precedent in the immediate area.

Because the home sold pre-completion and off-market, there's very little info in the listing that you can see online right now.

One thing's for sure: They have reset the bar with that Christmastime sale.

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